Description: Sounds like a foot chase or hurried action. Indigenous drums and percussion make it perfect for natural locations as well as city streets.

Description: Sounds like a coal fired train scene. Snare, guitar, bass, harmonica and wood train whistle. Excellent for documentary, western or any train set up scene.

Description: Features soothing sounds with a bottom heavy active groove. Urban elements accentuate this stylized sound.

Description: Sounds like CSI or mystery being unravelled.

Description: Sounds like a wonderous expanse of scenery created by a choir and enveloped by strings.

Description: A simple piano melody that builds with instrumentation and emotion and intensity. Great for a title theme or montage. Feature film or documentary.

Description: Uses cello, Indigenous percussion and vocal wail to create a scene in the Middle East. It is active, but calm and picturesque at the same time.

Description: Sounds like raw fear, coming danger or evil. Creates an unnerving vibe.

Description: Sounds like a mirky, foggy scene of slow moving action created by sound swirls and piano.

Description: Using Bodran as the meter, this 3/4 time dreamy ballad, with several sublime changes, builds and climaxes. Features cello, cool guitars and fretless bass.

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