Description: A simple seducative harp piece reminding of one of memories and photographs. Great for meditative video games or creative films.

Description: a effective and dramatic piano piece with string to accompany. Emotional and full of drama at moments, though also very romantic. Great for movies, videos and documentaries.

Description: A deep dark scary track for a moment of shivering. With big drums, deep cello, trembeling violins and seductive harp.

Description: A horror track with deep dark string and strong piano. Great for video games and mystery/suspence/horror flicks. Loopable!

Description: A deep piano piece with a trippy atmosphere. A lonely sad tune and a thoughtful one at that. Loopable.

Description: a sad solo piano piece for the heartbroken and when the birds don't always sing. Loopable!

Description: a epic middle eastern cinematic score, great for video games and epic film type videos. With dramatic string and epic drums. Loopable!

Description: A epic horror track made to infuse fear and thrillness. With deep dark string, bongo, and a touch of very low harp. Loopable.

Description: A epic dramatic orchestra track that is upbeat and powerful. Loopable.

Description: A simple yet dreamy dramatic piano loop. A little sad a little dark.