Description: intended to emulate popular archetypes in modern dramatic film music, this begins as a battle scene accompaniment, but later becomes mysterious.

Description: a fun piece that's perfect for cartoons. pizzicato strings walk up and down while while random horns accent unforseen "smacks"!.

Description: rhythm guitar with slide in lead. perfect for a sad moment or a tender teenage moment.

Description: trebly rhythm guitar with distorted slide in lead. perfect for a sad moment or a tender teenage moment, or a flashback to one.

Description: Haunting and dark high voices wail and interweave at the site of a long dead planet once full of life. Reminiscent of 2001 and other intense, frightening, space works.

Description: Guitars interweave in and out with one another while strange percussion plays in the background. Instrumentation includes found pieces, junk percussion, and non-traditional sounds. Dark and strange.

Description: Amped and energetic, this high-octane piece is perfect for a sci-fi chase sequence (think "Blade Runner", but way cooler). Pounding drums, pulsing synths, and chest-shaking bass punctuate this work.

Description: Lonely and distant, this piece for small orchestral ensemble and guitar would be great for a sad but hopeful scene, a quiet moment, or many other things.

Description: Gently bobbing along with calm, comfort, and ease, this short piece with strings and woodwinds evokes images of stately walks, proper behavior, and restrictive clothing.

Description: Thumping, thundering toms accompanied by determined celeste and strings. Full orchestra opens up and tells us our army will get there.

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