Description: brief, pulsating, suspenseful cue that brings tension to any scene.

Description: scored for the most delicate covert operation, this quiet, mysterious piece is scored for flutes, vibraphone and latin percussion.

Description: this big, ballsy, bluesy, brassy, swingin' spyjazz theme begins in the french horns and ends up with a section of screaming trumpets.

Description: bongos and brass introduce this dark, rhythmic action piece that moves from shadow to shadow with deadly determination.

Description: huge, brassy and sombre, the day of reckoning is an orchestral image of the imposing time of judgment.

Description: this rhythmic action piece that moves with deadly determination, until it reaches its stunning climax with every element of spy jazz.

Description: synthesizer score starts out sweeping and grandiose, then breaks into a beat before opening into wonder.

Description: the piano takes up a suspenseful groove then, with a swirl of strings, a mute trumpet takes up the bluesy spy melody.

Description: the latin piano announces something big, then with a stab from the brass section, this spy jazz theme gets rolling.

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