Description: This slow, poignant, sad, and dramatic piece features wondrous melodic charm. Delicate piano, Flutes and strings work together to create a beautiful and uplifting track. Beautifully enchanting & soothing ambient song to evoke a feeling of lost hope. Tender, sad and warm. passionate and emotive.

Description: An etherial mind trip. ambient, trip hop beat, double bass and slide guitars grow up in a beautiful and disturbing soundscape. Supernatural. It is moody and atmospheric. Work well as film underscore, documentary, science, space, video games, soundtracks, dvd's, websites, corporate, documentaries, tv, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Dark Music

Description: Uptempo, Larry David funny style featuring perfect banjo and violin melody with accompaniment of drum, bass and guitar. Fast and fun, Rock Music, Folk Rock. Try it, you might like it! Instrumental. Could also be surf music and dance, cartoon, childrens. Reminiscent of the Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme. Instrumental, Rock Music, Folk Rock

Description: Slow, nostalgic melody played by celesta and gloken grows slowly with acoustic guitar into very emotional, yet tranquil instrumental, great for emotional scenes. Old memories and feelings arise, reminding us of the past. Sweet bedtime melody on a music box, perfect for children's productions. Sweet

Description: Beautiful innocent melodic electric piano piece accompanied by soft pads and percussion. Great for Romance, Fantasy Movies, animation, childrens programs, Animal documentaries and wildlife programs. Warm, with feelings of melancholy. Romantic Movie Scores (American Beauty, Nights In Rodanthe)

Description: Warm, friendly and determined. Longing, hopeful and reflective. Acoustic guitar, percussion, bass and drums. Lively, touching, melancholic, thoughtful, beautiful. Great for nostalgic happy memories, remembrance, family, friends or romantic scene or commercial. Atmospheric and mysterious instrumental, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Music

Description: A simple, heartfelt soundtrack with a peaceful, calming atmosphere that is suitable for retrospection, solitude, tender romantic moments, passage of time and more. A sparse and spacious arrangement with a solitary acoustic guitar and background ambient pads. Great for Drama, documentaries and TV. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Tender Music

Description: Classy and sensual mystery music with major motion picture style orchestrations in the tradition of LOST tv show. orchestral strings and percussion perfect for sad and evaluating transitions in film and TV. Dramatic underscore reflecting the sorrow and creates a cinematic atmosphere of dark despair.

Description: Pizzicato strings and percussion give it a touch of playful sneaky suspense. neaky and playfully mischievous soundtrack, great for romantic comedies, family sitcoms, youth/teen romance shows, children’s programs, cross-cutting scenes and more. Well suited for humorous snooping around scenes.

Description: Edgy and ominous music underscore. buildup by a relentless figure in the strings punctuated with percussion accents and piano atmospherics. Suggests foreboding events to come, An intensely suspenseful mystery and tension cue is perfect for documentaries or reality TV. This track is ominous and dark.

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