Description: Magical theme for Halloween. Atmosphere is magical and a little bit dark, but nevertheless quite attractive. Use it for Halo stuff!

Description: Powerful hardcore track, sheer energy and moshy groove. Only hardcore, only distorted guitars! :)

Description: Dreamy ethereal track with lots of synths. Has some magic hypnotic vibes. Good for videos

Description: Melodic, Sad & romantic lyrical piano, only piano. Good for videos.

Description: Horror film or horror game cinematic soundtrack. Very spooky & frightening atmosphere. Don't listen this at night, otherwise this thing will scare a huge crap out of you :)

Description: Heavy alternative electronic rock music. Great for action videos or something like that.

Description: Dark atmospheric evil track , sounding like 90s action games soundtracks. Would fit really great with some action & dark games.

Description: A laid-back and relaxing electronic track, with smooth grooves, lush pads and beautiful melody. Suitable as a background music for various projects like games or movies.