Description: This is an unusual instrumental track featuring acoustic guitars layered over techno style drums and percussion. A little dark and moody, it's a theme track for an edgy production.

Description: a hypnotic instrumental in a medium groove, minor key shifts to major key mode and back again. interesting theme music.

Description: a mid tempo groove, chord driven, and tasty lead work.

Description: this instrumental track is a little spacey and a little jazzy.

Description: this is an instrumental piece. acoustic guitars, bass and drums. it's very easygoing, light and kind of backwoodsy.

Description: an instrumental guitar track with funky drums and a quirky lead guitar. upbeat and fun.

Description: an acoustic guitar track with bass and percussion, a medium tempo, reflective track.

Description: an instrumental track with a mid tempo beat and a driving guitar.

Description: gentle acoustic guitars accompanied by a bass and backed by a light drum beat. very soft and soothing.

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