Description: Slow, depressed, emotional music, 6 minutes in length, features chord progressions, downs, and ups, perfect for an emotional sad scene or towards the end a dramatic scene in any media.

Description: A stealthy dark soundtrack featuring reversed cymbals, reversed piano, and clever sound design and manipulation/automation greatly inspired by the work of amon tobin's splinter cell music.

Description: epic battle theme, An inspired uplifting emotional battle very intense and dramatic.

Description: A dramatic space soundtrack, modern and cinematic. Emotional and intense, ready for direct placement in your production.

Description: Enter the abyss. A dark synthesis of darkness, very creepy and intense, sets the mood for a scary to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Clever and very intricate sound design.

Description: An inspired dream like theme with a massive climactic ending, epic and visceral

Description: Dreamy and beautiful, made to suit a dreamy sequence, an under water world, inspired by dreams for use in your production.

Description: A short emotional piano based track with choir and flute sections.

Description: The Fallen, a dramatic piece of music perfect for an epic style.

Description: thinking along the lines of James Bond stuff with this one. for use in all media.

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