Description: Bluegrass slide guitar set against rhythmic guitar harmonics with a cool beat perfect to play while cruising on a road trip.

Description: Throbbing, pulsating creature with a blood curdling hiss and growl set against a rhythmic pace adding to the edginess.

Description: Cinematic orchestral instruments and choir evoke a reflective, emotional mood with touches of sadness, longing or love lost.

Description: Atmospheric, slow moving pulsating soundscape drone with subtle rhythmic elements .

Description: Experimental, eerie sounds cape with a futuristic, post apocalyptic industrial feel. Would suit any game with edgy, tense moments.

Description: Anxious piano motif arpeggio building with dulcimer strings and percussion punctuated by a final hit.

Description: A dark, gritty sounds-cape with a pulsing, industrial rhythm, harsh metallic scraping that suggests a nasty discovery. Would be ideal for a dark thriller, uncovering a murder, science fiction or horror.

Description: Atmospheric, eerie soundscape made with a violin drone growing in tension with rhythmic elements

Description: Punchy, throbbing cinematic tension that fades out into crescendos. Perfect for highly charged situations.