Description: Orchestral film score on a theme with underscore, very dramatic near the end. A classic but contemporary sound.

Description: big military or sports orchestral film score, strings & harp, adding woodwinds, going to the brass and percussion building to an serious end.

Description: Adventure underscore of a heroic nature with uncertain danger, featuring strings and horns.

Description: Epic string orchestra with horns, featuring Solo Trumpets honoring the majesty of nature and man; with a Celtic, Scotch/Irish flavor.

Description: This orchestral, fim score, waltz is best described as The Godfather meets Edward Scissorhands. Featuring Accordion, trumpet and full orchestra.

Description: This is a big, dramatic, suspensfully shifting, action, nearly 4 1/2 minute Spaghetti Western film orchestra cue. A slow build with wooden flute and percussion, into four long builds on Flemnco Guitar ostinatos, then the epic Main Theme featuring Trumpets and Solo Guitar, winding down with Guitar ostinato.

Description: jazz, comedy, satire with a long underscore and strong themes; featuring flute, trumpet, sax.

Description: a thematic orchestral film score with a long underscore; ominous, mafia , hint of opera, on a big ending.

Description: A simple film score featuring strings on a contemporary sound, part 4

Description: Banjo and orchestra on a bluegrass feel in a sentimental film score.

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