Description: composed as orchestral score for the silent 1919.

Description: synthesizer score starts out sweeping and grandiose, then breaks into a beat before opening into wonder.

Description: mod-style spy theme with baritone guitar, moog synthesizer, flute and lots of brass.

Description: dramatic chase/escape music for full orchestra. the extended version places a melancholy melody at the end.

Description: this big, ballsy, bluesy, brassy, swingin' spyjazz theme begins in the french horns and ends up with a section of screaming trumpets.

Description: abstract study #1 begins as suspenseful, dark, dissonant and scary before breaking into panicked flight.

Description: tremelo strings and flute set the tone over a downtempo jazz groove with muted trumpets and lots of spy jazz flair.

Description: dark angular melodies build in the basses until an overwhelming evil blares from the brass section and drums.

Description: the melody of this gothic horror theme grows in the bass register. then the orchestra builds to a crescendo..

Description: sweeping adventure theme appears in the strings, the flute plays a quiet samba, then the horns and guitar open into a wide spy jazz jam.

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