Description: Unreal and dark running in the labyrinth.Sense of claustrophobia

Description: Afro beat electronic soundtrack,good to be used for the end credits of a movie.

Description: a fun game between wind instruments backed by a rhythm electro

Description: The Babakoto is a lemur of Madagascar.Melodic, 6/8 time with a very African trend.

Description: A spatial, cosmic and floating arpeggio

Description: Soundtrack rhythmic and melodic, positive, slightly melancholic. It can also inspire landscapes with flights of fancy or adventure

Description: Rhythmic melodic references Balkan

Description: Music with a dense sound, a melody, an obstinate and distorted rhythm.

Description: A light and catchy melody on a modern rhythmic sequence. Get ready for naturalistic documentaries, travel and adventure.

Description: Audio track introspective, piano theme with dense and melancholy.

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