Description: a 1930s styled fast paced gypsy jazz tune with piano, bass, guitar, flute and marimba.

Description: A tender and caring waltz lightly orchestrated with alto flute lead.

Description: a classic jazz ballad of tragic heart break. Languid and mercurial, this melody is played to perfection by piano, guitar, electric piano and bass.

Description: A very mysterious and haunting jazz waltz with a hopeful energy pushing the harmony, featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, drums, cellos, mandolin, flute section and horn in f.

Description: A very intriguing and slightly odd bossa nova. Perfect music for driving in circles looking for that perfect parking spot at the mall. Features piano, vibes, acoustic guitar, electric bass and drums with brushes.

Description: a relaxed and happy medium swing tune with piano, guitar and bass.

Description: a comedic yet determined march with piano, guitar, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: A majestic bird's flight appears to be in slow motion filled with grace and awe featuring piano, guitar, bowed basses, synthesizer and strings.

Description: a funky and swinging jazz tune with piano, electric piano, electric bass, synth drums and congas.

Description: A sad ballad with two pianos that evokes feelings of sorrow and forgiveness.

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