Description: mysterious spy thriller big production hollywood type track featuring fat bass that drives the music.

Description: A reflective and contemplative soundscape, dramatic in nature yet peaceful and hopeful at its core. World fusion sounds are melded together such as Asian percussion, taiko, gongs, bells, and tibetan singing bowls with modern synthesizer sounds and other western instruments. Useful yoga, film, media.

Description: A dramatic, mysterious, spy style track with a catchy theme. Big production features, cool effects, quirky percussion, full brass section, wild synthesizers, and unexpected twists, turns, sudden breaks and blasts. Fun music for film, tv, radio, halloween productions, adverts, video games, corporate

Description: A full scale dramatic, cinematic, hollywood style anthem track with power, fortitude and strength. The piano and bass intro builds and gathers energy crescendoing into a exhilarating electric guitar solo. Useful music for heroic, adventure, action, or sport themed media projects on film, tv, radio, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Energizing Music

Description: Big suspenseful spy vs spy track featuring a low end mysterious melody with a rock groove. Strange interlude transitions into a reflective middle section features a guitar solo. A return to the main theme then an edgy high tech fx ending Good for film or tv. Sports, crime, cartoon, or video games.

Description: A big romantic lush hollywood production style latin flavored melodic track featuring a sensuously muted trumpet and a classical acoustic guitar backed by a brassy fanfare along with a tight piano, bass and drums rhythm section. For film, TV, radio, video productions, adverts, on hold, streaming web, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Romantic Music

Description: A dramatic and pensive march like track featuring piano and electric piano that floats along in a misty atmosphere. Both pretty and profound this music may be useful for meditative background sounds to build character and add intensity to your media projects in tv, film, radio, video, underscores.

Description: A big dramatic epic hollywood style track, featuring huge percussion, powerful drums, strong brass, a potent horn section, and exciting full orchestration stabs. Riveting tension from start to finish energizes the music. Ideal track that engages the listener for film, tv, Game of Thrones type themes

Description: A big production, brassy and dramatic, soundtrack with an action adventure style feel. Proud and bouncy the music moves through three short sections a rhythmic opening with a bell synth lead, a brassy middle featuring full horn section and electric guitar breaks. Nice track for multimedia projects.

Description: A romantic, heroic and epic broadway style chamber orchestra piece, featuring a passionate violin melody over a pronounced piano and cello accompaniment. Stately elegant music to give that tone of success and achievement to your media production, background or as a theme for your video, tv, or film, Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

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