Description: Vibes play jazzy pattern inspired by Pink Panther comedic spy scenes, accompanied by piano, upright bass, and drums. Suggested for media spots, humorous film sequences, underscoring of practical jokes, setups, swindles and acts of deceit. Key of A minor

Description: Solo stride piano piece inspired by piano roll style, suggested for nostalgic scenes, transitions, and early 20th century flashbacks. Also for silent movie sequences and underscoring narration of historic events accompanying vintage video or photo slide-shows of yesteryear. Key of C, 125 bpm

Description: Upright bass plays cautious walking pattern, pausing for pitch-bending glissando notes with hihat cymbals and triangle, a la The Pink Panther. Suggested for devious, deceitful, sneaky, comic scenes or to underscore humorous tongue-in-cheek voiceovers or narration. Key of C minor

Description: Electric piano with subtle percussion plays slow A/B arrangement of simple melodic phrases suggested for underscoring of Valentine’s Day ecards, romantic slideshows, instrumental media cues, public service announcements and scenes depicting heartfelt romantic moments. Key of F

Description: Piano, harpsichord and subtle percussion play dark, foreboding piece in ¾ time.

Description: Upright bass accompanied by vibes and drums play tentative, jazz-inspired arrangement suggested for scenes of mystery.

Description: Bass strings accompanied by piano, tremolo violins, French Horn and percussion play pondering pattern, suggested to underscore scenes of mystery and intrigue.

Description: Pianos, synths and percussion combine for moody, melancholic arrangement suggested to underscore dramatic film sequences.

Description: Laid-back arrangement of piano, electric piano, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and strings suggested to underscore scenes of contemplation, decision making and thoughtful relaxation.

Description: Pizzicato strings combine with acoustic and electric pianos, glockenspiel, synthesizer and percussion in a syncopated arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of espionage.

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