Description: Dark electronic ambient track. Has a retro feel to it. Would work great as an intro for a dark mystery or horror movie.

Description: Dark orchestral track with a classical scary movie sound. Could be used for an opening scene or the intro of scary movie video.

Description: Track with a comical suspicious mood. Would be perfect for a comedy scene in a movie or a comedy video, for example.

Description: Suspenseful dark ambient track with a spooky atmosphere. Would work great in a thriller or horror video.

Description: Intense orchstral and electronic track with a dark, retro atmosphere. Could be used for a battle in a zombie movie, for example.

Description: A track with strings, marimba and piano with a suspenseful comedy atmosphere. Could be used for a sneaking around scene or a conversation scene in a comedy film.

Description: Melodious, simple piano track with a melancholic atmosphere.

Description: It starts with creepy electronic ambient sounds and becomes a percussive action track that would be great for any action scene in a horror movie.

Description: Dramatic piano and orchestra track about love, the loss of it and tragedy. Would work great in a dramatic movie scene.

Description: A calm electronic track with a suspenseful, mysterious atmosphere. Great for a horror, mystery or dark sci-fi movie.

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