Description: Intense orchestral intro that features an epic choir, strings and strong percussion

Description: Powerful and intense intro including percussion, full orchestra and choir.

Description: Short introduction featuring full orchestra and strong percussion.

Description: Action-packed intro featuring an epic choir, strings, brass and pounding percussion, with powerful and dynamic sound.

Description: Perfect introduction for trailers and any kind of project that requires a strong sound. Hard percussion, powerful vocals, full orchestra and sound effects are combined in this track.

Description: Short intro with eerie textures, gives a very tense and dark feeling to any project.

Description: A heavy track very useful in trailers, with some modern synth sounds and electronic drums.

Description: Featuring a powerful choir, low staccatos and dark brass melodies, this short piece can be very useful in trailers or epic scenes.

Description: Powerful and intense cinematic intro.

Description: A track that can have multiple uses, in an action scene or a trailer for example. Has an strong rhythm and solid sound.

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