Description: big movie studio style action-adventure cue in the tradition of sean connery films.

Description: bouncy staccato strings throughout with full orchestral accompaniament.

Description: Epic & cinematic, this track brings the emotions of the final battle, the last stand, the final hour. This powerful composition, is ideal for trailers, battle scenes, film and TV footage, action adventure and videogame related contents, epic and dramatic visuals and cinematic projects.

Description: Light orchestral background with a romantic comedy feeling.

Description: dynamic dramatic music featuring intense orchestrations with big hits, punches and thrilling sequences in the tradition of blockbuster movies.

Description: Fantasy adventure theme suitable for games,animation. Oboe melody with symphonic orchestra.

Description: Slow sad orchestral adagio. Flute & french horn melody.

Description: A horror track with deep dark string and strong piano. Great for video games and mystery/suspence/horror flicks. Loopable!