Description: Epic orchestral theme that convey heroism and bravery

Description: Dark cinematic cue with brassy deep brooms. Good for trailers.

Description: Orchestral cinematic theme that express heroism and honor. Good for trailers and commercials

Description: Cinematic orchestral theme conveying heroism and sacrifice. Suitable for trailers and commercials

Description: Cinematic orchestral track featuring brass, woodwinds and strings, conveying voyages and adventure on the sea. Suitable for trailers and tv.

Description: Epic and heroic orchestral track with lots of percussion and hits. Great for trailers.

Description: An emotional and romantic track featuring piano, strings and woodwinds. Great for valentine commercials and other videos or presentations that need delicate romantic music.

Description: An emotional and heroic theme that builds to a climax. Featuring string ostinatos, brass and epic percussion. Good for trailers, games and film/tv

Description: An emotional and inspiring epic theme featuring soaring strings and brass. Good for trailers, games, tv/film and advertising

Description: A heroic and epic hybrid orchestral track featuring big brass, choir, strings and epic percussion. Great for trailers, commercials and tv/video.

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