Description: This beautiful tender theme tells about the warm summer night rain ... Here sounds a sensual grand piano ... Ideal for a romantic film or video ...

Description: An intense action track with string ostinatos, low brass and percussion. Good for action and suspense scenes.

Description: AdRev-Free! Deep, suspenseful and scary drums, full of hidden fury and fear. Perfect for trailers, games, thrillers, youtube

Description: This is very gentle music, consisting of two parts ... It sounds very sensual grand piano ... Ideal as a sound saver on television, as well as a romantic film ...

Description: rhythmic opening to expansive Oriental theme. Contemporary feel with tradtional elements. Perfect for travelogue, documentary, historic, in fact anything Oriental.

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style of the composition is very near to Minimal and classical music, and the initial mood is foreboding and a little bit mysterious, but later increases the energy and Epic feelings with the entrance of the other orchestral instruments, like brass, strings sections, and percussion. This music fits very well, as a soundtrack, on epic scenes and foreboding situations, like films, tv series and some advertising projects.

Description: Upright bass, drums and percussion play syncopated moody patterns suggested to underscore scenes of espionage, mystery.

Description: Epic, cinematic, heroic trailer, action, track with dramatic, powerful emotional in orchestra with musical instruments strings, percussion, brass, drums, piano, choir.

Description: emotional and dramatic orchestral track

Description: Good for adventure hollywood movie, intro, opener, or film, where you can show dark war, intense,energetics battle, background of game.

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