Description: This is an indie driven track with a cinematic feel to it. It features strings, acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Very serene music track for insurance reassurance and corporate needs, as well as emotional cinematic experiences, underlining love, care, smiling and good vibes.

Description: An intense and suspenseful hybrid action percussion track with low distorted synth braams, beating percussion and fast rhythmic pulses. Good for action and suspense videos.

Description: This mystical atmospheric track is the perfect background for drama scary scenes, intimidating moments, aggressive frightening and terrifying videos.

Description: Cinematic orchestral track in motivational and inspirational emotional mood. Perfect for your trailers, films, time lapse video and other cinematic projects!

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is very near to soundtrack and film music, and the mood is romantic & positive, with a point of melancholy. The music starts with a calm piano, and gets energy with the incorporation of orchestral instruments, like brass and strings section. The music has also a discrete synth effects, playing with some stereo pan dynamics.

Description: An intense and suspenseful horror track with creepy piano, low stabs and heart-beating rhythms. Good for horror and suspense scenes.

Description: Beautiful positive composition for animations and cartoon, children movies and tiv programs.The cheerful composition was created with piano, strings, glockenspiel, vibes and bells. This cinematic piece creates magical atmosphere for the projects.

Description: Instrumental music made for piano solo. The music is sad and down, but it has a steady rhythm that helps to the composition to get some feeling of determination and activity. The style is very near to soundtrack and minimal music, and fits very well in dramatic and pessimistic scenes, with some point of activity, going towards an objective.

Description: An adventurous and uplifting orchestral track that builds. Featuring brass, strings, orchestral percussion and woodwinds.

Description: An ominous, gloomy and mystical musical theme. Infernal piano parts with mysterious pads and textures in the first movement goes into a powerful piece with a string orchestra, brass, heavy percussion, drums and impacts. Perfect for horror, triller trailer, opener, jingle, demonstrations, malevolent movie teaser, presentations and much more.

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