Description: I visualize an indie movie where the characters are on a road trip traveling for days across the country.

Description: A choir aaaahs to an orchestra and a funky beat for a modern dramatic groove.

Description: All kinds of weird metallic insects surround you. You are in some sort of magnetic forest. 110 beats per minute keeps you walking at a brisk pace.

Description: A piercing needle shoots across the sky over fields and farmland. Is it a drone spying on you?

Description: The haunting trumpets, choir, and sub woofer hits will crepe you out. Science fiction has never been so earthly.

Description: Is an American camel a Humvee? Either way you are traversing a desert in the Americas.

Description: You have reached your final decision after much contemplation.

Description: 32 seconds that resolve your main character's issues - but leave enough doubt for the sequel!

Description: This is the theme they play when everything turns out fine and they live happily ever after.

Description: A long time ago there was an orchestrated piece of music that blended perfectly with your dramatic production.

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