Description: 1960s style film orchestra featuring "SPY" guitar on the "Blonde, Jane Blonde Theme".

Description: Spaghetti western orchestral theme ,version 1

Description: Super Spy orchestral film music with a strong theme played on 1960s style guitar with a modern edge

Description: Spaghetti western orchestral theme, version 2 with the alternate version of the Whistling melody.

Description: a big, warlike, orchestral film score, of battle. similar to lord of the rings,.

Description: Orchestral film track suitable under the dialog to add a darker mood and airs of mystery and the unknown, in a subtle manner.

Description: Epic famous space movie action suspense music made for looping. Featuring the orchestra; Trumpets, Trombones, Horns, percussion, strings, and piccolo.

Description: Spaghetti western orchestral theme, version 4, most simple version with no whistling or choir vocals.

Description: An orchestral film score with retro spy feel featuring live instruments

Description: Film noir orchestra thriller based on main themes a la Alfred Hitchcock, featuring Trumpet

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