Description: Slow and introspective piece with minimal piano melody and woodwinds.

Description: A theme you would hear when you see investigators on a TV drama, or documentary. Electronic percussion and guitar add to the tension.

Description: Slow build of a rising synth with a bit of orchestral sound design, leading into a climatic point. Good for a reveal.

Description: Great for building tension and setting up for a reveal. Subtle synth background with string melody. Percussion elements add to the suspense, and rhythmic strings towards the end for the reveal.

Description: Ambient guitar chords delivering a subtle feel and emotion.

Description: Short sorrowful piece with an ambient background and soothing vocal.

Description: Atmospheric background with reversed piano hits [very subtle & short]. Ambient mood. Good for flashback, or dream- state.

Description: A happy and quirky type of piece, performed by a small orchestra.