Description: dark creeping rhythmic dirge with distorted evil breathing, machine rhythms, slithering bass, and haunting synthetic flute pads

Description: airy horror chords of insomnia interlaced with electronic rhythms and an unexpected uplifting choral melody

Description: Dark electronic track with a hallucinogenic horror theme

Description: Dark electronic soundtrack with a retro synthesizer Halloween flavor

Description: An eerie haunting composition of rhythmic cavernous creatures, muted organs and frightening noises, leading to an explosive synth-driven dirge. Perfect for Halloween and other dark horror themes.

Description: Dark and ominous electronic piece with glitchy percussion, bizarre textures, and creepy synth sounds. Themes include innocence lost, childhood naivety, feeling out of control, being lied to, and just outright frightened and confused.

Description: Suspenseful electronic track with fluttering synths, creeping pads, alarm-type noises and forceful air blasts that converge into a contemporary melange of electronic mystery and mayhem.

Description: Uplifting new age / electro composition with driving synth bass, swelling ethnic-inspired pads and epic percussion. Multifaceted in its mood, morphing from quiet and mysterious in the vein of Tangerine Dream's darker moments, to feelings of promise and hope that groups like Vangelis were so well at delivering. A bittersweet masterpiece, if you will.

Description: Dark and rhythmic horror synth piece that starts out as an industrial dance-styled composition and then morphs into a creeping evil soundtrack about halfway through.

Description: Dark and suspenseful dystopian soundtrack for futuristic evils and science fiction gone bad.

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