Description: The title says it all.. This simple and repetitive track features piano, cello, and light percussion. Capturing the movement of the human spirit, this is a great underscore for the inspirational moments when you need to move forward.

Description: Light and emotional, “An Intimate Walk” is a simple but elegant piano melody over sparse orchestration from violins, cellos, and harp. This is the perfect underscore for any tender moment in your film. Whether it’s a corporate montage, a flashback of fond memories, a soft one-on-one conversation, or a loving moment between lovers on a walk, this is the track you need.

Description: This is the intimate-turns-passionate soundtrack of a build-up to that mind-blowing first kiss. Tender and sweet at first, “Before The Kiss” embodies the delicate affection of a new couple, then, after a moment of decision, the score soars into a powerful “Yes!” moment. Great for love scenes or anything with a climactic build.

Description: Entrancing and deeply emotional, “Breath of Freedom” is a beautiful, but simple piano and strings piece which captures the hope and realization of freedom. It is, however, simple and generic enough to underscore nearly any truly emotional moment.

Description: Light, bouncy, and airy, “Butterfly Ballet” is the ever-growing soundtrack to a butterfly’s secret dance and it flutters about. Even if you’re not a nature lover, this fun and quirky track can set the tone for any adventurous or exciting moment.

Description: A mischievous \ mysterious musical idea about what happens when co-workers go on break… Usually preceded with the line “I’ll be right back.”

Description: An intimate piano tune with subtle cello\bass underneath, “Dad’s Piano” is one of those simple, emotional songs which can underscore any tender moment – whether it is a child’s lullaby or saying a final farewell, this track will highlight those soft, hard-to-describe feelings.

Description: Perfect for an dark opening prologue underscore, “Deadly Prologue” begins rather understated, creepy, and mysterious – and grows in intensity, dynamics and emotion.

Description: A simple, but pleasantly repetitive guitar riff underneath enchanting free-form piano improv. Strangely soothing, yet still containing an intriguing emotional power. This track is great for lovely dream sequences, inspirational moments, or even a sunset walk on the beach.

Description: This multi-purpose track can set multiple moods for any moment in your project that needs to slow down and take a breath. Slow, light, and emotional, “Ethereal Light” is the perfect underscore for moments of solitude, heartbreak, goodbyes, or even magic and mystery.

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