Description: An atmospheric creepy and claustrophobic track that will match sci-fi/horror films, games, and similar media projects.

Description: A cinematic blend of orchestral sections that include violins, violas, celli, basses, french horns, tuna, and trombones. A pounding percussion underpins the cue with hi-tech sound design that mix into a powerful and exhilarating cue.

Description: This epic yet elegant composition was specifically composed with film, tv, and movie production in mind with a combination of orchestral and sound design that perfectly compliment each other.

Description: Venture into the vast unknown reaches of space with this epic film cue. Subtle and intense passages are combined to give both relaxed and exhilarating emotions to the listener. This cue is perfect for all project that need that extra special touch to extend its presentation to the final frontier.

Description: A finely tuned orchestration of strings, horns, choir, and bombastic percussion that blend into a powerful and exhilarating score combining to make an epic cue to enhance your next movie, film, tv, game, or trailer project.

Description: An action packed epic cinematic score that utilizes a blend of piano and strings orchestration to add suspense, horns to bring a majestic feel, and deep booming drums and percussion to drive the piece forwards. A perfect match for movies, games, or any action/suspense material.

Description: An epic orchestration of horns, strings, choir and percussion takes you down into the deep infernal abyss of fire and brimstone. The intense and dark overtones of this epic track are fitting for film, video games, trailers, and other media that insists on an epic sound scape.

Description: A vast range of emotions exudes from this beautifully orchestrated cinematic score. Delicate soprano vocals lay way to the sweet tones of strings underscore and a cello counter melody that mix perfectly to give an uplifting yet haunting experience.

Description: Passionate vocals lay over a sound scape of pianos, string ensemble, violin, harp, and french horns culminating in a beautifully exquisite score. Highly recommended for tv, film, commercials, video games, or any video multimedia.

Description: This epic trailer music has been specifically composed to convey a exhilarating and euphoric journey into the unknown. What lies ahead for our fearless warriors, the fearless legion of men? This cue will help paint a picture of the adventures that will unfold in your next awesome project!

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