Description: A sophisticated mysteriously roaming instrumental soundscape. Features a flowing liquid type synth theme counterpointed with a brilliant loping electric bass line, a stunning guitar lead and a solid live indie sounding drum groove and a simple yet effective piano part. Useful for TV, radio or film.

Description: mysterious spy thriller big production hollywood type track featuring fat bass that drives the music.

Description: James Bond type track, spy or chase scene appropriate, mysterious and dramatic. Killer bass lines, solid drum beats, catchy synthesizers playing melodies and a trading fours middle section.

Description: A reflective and contemplative soundscape, dramatic in nature yet peaceful and hopeful at its core. World fusion sounds are melded together such as Asian percussion, taiko, gongs, bells, and tibetan singing bowls with modern synthesizer sounds and other western instruments. Useful yoga, film, media.

Description: A dark and mysterious ambient piece of music that builds to a dramatic and chilling climax halfway through, then slowly breaks down into a reflective and haunting question mark type of ending. Featured are state of the art synthesizers as well as traditional strings, timpani, and percussion.

Description: A big bass and synth melodic track with high tech electronic percussion and featuring some killer sfx blasts and sweeps. Has a dangerous feel with an impending ambience as a prelude to an action scene. The music is reminiscent of action thriller movies--Die Hard, Mission Impossible, or xtreme sports.

Description: A charming, magical, and appealing waltz in a fast three or "one" feel. The piano is featured playing a wizardly melody accompanied by cello and double bass. The development section features a wooden flute and the percussion enters. Great piece for all media be it documentary or fantasy genre.

Description: A briskly paced action movie film score opening similar to composers like John Williams. The orchestration draws the viewer in with that sense that something truly monumental is going to happen. Useful for opening of film, tv, radio or internet site sequence. Features faux full orchestral scoring.

Description: Two sides to the coin. A mysterious introductory phrase featuring ominous synthesizers and cool effects which then breaks out into an energetic and catchy main theme along with a driving tom-tom drum groove. An electric guitar takes up the theme ending with a question. Good for tv, or film projects.

Description: A spy v spy type mysterious movie instrumental music track with various middle eastern elements and high tech synth sounds. A sparse intro motif suddenly turns into a house drum groove leading to a guitar and sitar interplay. Good backing track for a heroic entrance or perhaps panning a hideout or setting up an intense scene.

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