Description: Deep cinematic abstract hip hop composition with sci-fi synths, technical sounds and atmospheric pads. Good for films, games, trailers, video moments, perfomance.

Description: Mysterious short ambient inspired by The X-Files.

Description: Instrumental music made for synthesizers and orchestra. The style is very near to soundtrack and cinematic music. This music is at first leaded by some synthesized patterns from futuristic and strange sounds. The music grows later and gains energy with the incorporation of distorted electric guitars and some orchestral instruments, like strings and horns. The rhythm is steady and the percussion is hard and loud. This music depicts a futuristic and apocalyptic scenario, with a hard living in some war against machines, while the human race fights for survival.

Description: Instrumental music made with synthesizers. The genre is very close to electronic and soundtrack, and the mood is energetic and determined. This music fits very well for short sci-fi and science topics, as music for credits.

Description: Mysterious portal ambient for various projects.

Description: This short 30s track called as Mysterious Scary Morning UFO Landing music intro contain many strange fx's, drums, Mysterious synths, pads, bass etc, which create true spirit of early morning UFO landing. You can use this track for websites, films about UFO, backgrounds, movies, films, news, telecasts, about nature, etc.. ambient, background, chillout, computer, dark, deep, electronic, emotional, enigma, fx, game, gloomy, hi tech, intro, logo, meditative, melancholy, mysterious, mystique, opener, opening, relaxing, sad, scary, short, strange, tech, ufo, video, website, relaxed, searching, smooth, soft, soothing, tension, video game, tranquil, mystical, magical, hypnotic, high tech, dreamy, melancholic, futuristic, eerie, uplifting, reflective, music

Description: Futuristic ambient atmospheric track. Perfect for using as a background music in science fiction movies and videos.

Description: emotional and dramatic orchestral track

Description: Good for adventure hollywood movie, intro, opener, or film, where you can show dark war, intense,energetics battle, background of game.

Description: This is space music, describing the meeting of two UFOs in the vast expanses of space ... Here sound fantastic, wonderful, cosmic sounds of the synthesizer ... Ideal for a sci-fi movie ...

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