Description: Atmospheric, slow moving pulsating soundscape drone with subtle rhythmic elements .

Description: dark and broody alien encounter type music, eerie haunting melody over a slow pulsating rhythm, deep space, mystery, energy and resonance

Description: Background music for the film, games, video, etc. music has a mystical character

Description: Vast junkyard of space ships floating, bumping into each other.

Description: High tech cinematic music underscoring a dark universe of evil machines and sinister science threatening human existence. Think high tech humanoids, viral disaster, World War III, Terminator, Chronicles of Riddick & Robocop. Epic modern music designed for action films, movie trailers & video games.

Description: Epic cinematic Sci-fi ambience for a documentary film about space. Floating and dreamy dark ambient for the solar system. Underscore for cinematic atmospheric sky. technology, earth, discovery, opening, intro, space, documentary, closing, Sci Fi, travel, mars, galaxy, futuristic, cool, dark, ambience, Mystical, Suggestive, Dangerous, Magical, Cold, Spacious, Atmospheric, Hypnotic, Thoughtful, Earthy, Mysterious, Lost, Dreamy, Reflective, Inspiring, Spirited, Abstract, Deep, Contemplative, science fiction, background, underscore

Description: Drama, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Drama-Horror, Drama-Danger, Industry & Technology, Airy, Alienating, Atmospheric, Mysterious, Cold, Eerie, Intrigue, Tension, Swirling, Reflective, Ominous, Spacey, Breathy, Dark, Floating, Dreamy, Surreal, Pensive, Technological, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, Drone, Percussion, Keyboard, Calliope, with a Slow, Mid tempo

Description: This dynamic orchestral piece starts off quietly and builds to a big finale, clocking in at 1 minute exactly. Fits a time-lapse video perfectly or an epic sequence traveling through a solar system, unveiling more and more planets and stars as the music gets more powerful. Would also be perfect as an underscore supporting a deep voice in an epic movie or video game intro.