Description: Chillout ambient electronica. Hope, love, adventure, trust, sadness, happiness, emotional, longing

Description: Sci Fi, Documentary, Drama, Drama-Sci Fi, Industry & Technology, Technological, Floating, Eerie, Repetitive, Monotonous, Celestial, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, with a Slow tempo

Description: Dark and suspenseful dystopian soundtrack for futuristic evils and science fiction gone bad.

Description: Sci-fi rnb track suitable for sports, film,tv commercial,presentation and or recording artist.

Description: Dynamic track with piano and electronic elements. Music new worlds, alien planets outside our galaxy. Perfect for mystical project, documentaries, sci-fi and other emotional videos.

Description: orchestral cinematic video game music.

Description: sci-fi, world, ethnic, sitar, eerie, unknown ahead, low string pads, extra terrestrial, sparkling pads

Description: Dark, scary, suspenseful, ominous, aggressive, with conclusion. Filmscore/Cinematic, Soundscapes. Mysterious/Futuristic, Dark, Unreal, Suspense. Ambient textures, Effects. Horror, Mystery. horror film slow zombies,gates to hell,

Description: action, adventure, busy percussion, rhythmic, low piano, and bass movement, tension, suspense, triangle, strings, cymbal swells, up and down dynamics, percussion hits

Description: This is a fantastic mystical music, describing space travel ... Here sound fantastic synthesizer sounds, emphasizing the mystical nature of the theme ... Ideal for the image of the cosmos in the film ...