Description: celeste and vibes film score in a mysterious, creepy, ethereally demonic mood.

Description: Spacious track with ambient synths and acoustic guitar

Description: Epic Sci-Fi is an energetic, strong hybrid symphonic music that featuring strings, brass, electric guitar, female vocal, orchestra percussion and many electronic sounds and effects. Ideally fit as a score for dramatic, suspense or scientific film trailer.

Description: Deep Bass Synth Drone with Mid Tone End, drone ambient mellow uplift atmospheric background.

Description: Spacious sweeping synths and spooky sound effects create this mysterious track. Great for sci fi or horror scene.

Description: Epic cinematic hybrid aggressive music with intense impacts, strong risers, large synths, glitch effects, distortion and huge drums. Perfect for using in blockbuster films and military movie titles, adventure trailers, action teasers, video games, After Effects title opener projects, logo idents, etc.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with Synthesizers, Synth Pad. It’s medium, Electronica, Psychedelic/Abstract, Tech/Sci-Fi. The mood of music is Action, flights to other Galaxies, visitors from beyond, vast and just alien empire.

Description: Spacious, ambient piece with flowing synths and sparse SFX. Suitable for spacey sci fi scene.

Description: Retro 80’s inspired electronic cinematic track, designed in the mood and style of 80’s soundtracks, but with some modern elements. The mood of this track – moving, futuristic, retro, nostalgic, sci-fi, powerful, determine. 105 BPM.

Description: Perfect music track for any trailer or media presentation needing something epic. Filled with orchestral staccato strings, cellos, arp synths, epic drum hits and the classic bass drop heard in new movie trailers.