Description: Venture into the vast unknown reaches of space with this epic film cue. Subtle and intense passages are combined to give both relaxed and exhilarating emotions to the listener. This cue is perfect for all project that need that extra special touch to extend its presentation to the final frontier.

Description: scary, horror, mystery, haunting, spacey, drama, halloween, fear.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with Synthesizers, Synth Pad. It’s medium, Electronica, Psychedelic/Abstract, Tech/Sci-Fi. The mood of music is Action, flights to other Galaxies, visitors from beyond, vast and just alien empire.

Description: Ultra-modern major motion picture style music underscoring the drama and suspense of a toxic apocalyptic world of ultimate doom and destruction. Gripping dramatic music in the style and tradition of the Resident Evil movie soundtracks. Think high tech zombies, viral disaster, World War III.

Description: Star wars fanfare soundalike. Space adventure.

Description: Epic cinematic Sci-fi ambience for a documentary film about space. Floating and dreamy dark ambient for the solar system. Underscore for cinematic atmospheric sky. technology, earth, discovery, opening, intro, space, documentary, closing, Sci Fi, travel, mars, galaxy, futuristic, cool, dark, ambience, Mystical, Suggestive, Dangerous, Magical, Cold, Spacious, Atmospheric, Hypnotic, Thoughtful, Earthy, Mysterious, Lost, Dreamy, Reflective, Inspiring, Spirited, Abstract, Deep, Contemplative, science fiction, background, underscore

Description: Sci Fi Orchestra on a long build up. Traditional instruments mixed with some strange and weird orchestration.

Description: Theremin sound effect with a slight retro feel suggests a UFO arriving from outer space.

Description: dark and broody alien encounter type music, eerie haunting melody over a slow pulsating rhythm, deep space, mystery, energy and resonance

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