Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music in the style and tradition of high tech special effects driven blockbuster movie soundtracks. Epic electro-orchestral dramatic music designed for super hero movies, Sci-Fi films, movie trailers and video games.

Description: Perfect music track for any trailer or media presentation needing something epic. Filled with orchestral staccato strings, cellos, arp synths, epic drum hits and the classic bass drop heard in new movie trailers.

Description: Desolate empty floating ambient instrumental.Ideal for space,wilderness,open eerie spaces.Background.

Description: positive, techno, trance, synth, electro pop, danceable, energy, teens, sports, fitness, aerobic, instrumental, industrial, cool, erotic, happy, futuristic, mechanical, electric organ, bass guitar, drum machine, drums, seamless looping, medium tempo, game, games, synthesiser, 21st century

Description: Sci Fi, Documentary, Drama, Drama-Sci Fi, Industry & Technology, Monotonous, Celestial, Repetitive, Technological, Floating, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, Percussion, with a Slow tempo

Description: Dark Ambiance Ident Dark deep slow cinematic ambiance for different projects. Submarines under water, deep blue sea, out in cold space, space ambiance, satellites, whoosh in solar system, deep dark cold basement etc. “Dark Ambiance Ident” is a short slow ident for use as: underwater soundscape, spaceship interior, creepy atmosphere, tension bed, mystic intro teaser, haunting horror, cold atmosphere, ominous foreboding nightmare, creepy logo, mean ghosts, dangerous ambiance, deep transition bed, the horror begins,etc. ambiance, anguished, atmosphere, basement, bed, blue, cinematic, cold, creepy, dangerous, dark, deep, diving, eerie, end, evil, foreboding, ghosts, haunting, horror, ident, interior, intro, logo, mean, mysterious, mystic, nightmare, ominous, satellites, sci fi, sea, ship, short, slow, solar, soundscape, space, spaceship, spooky, submarines, system, teaser, tension, transition, underwater, water, whoosh, slow tempo

Description: Spacy, jazzy, mellow tune. See them stars passing by your russian space capsule? That's because you are Gagarin - space explorer, Kosmonaut Hero.

Description: Mid Drones With Higher Vibing Creepy Hi-Tec Soundtrack, atmospheric ambient creepy hi-tec soundtrack bass & mid drones.

Description: This futuristic audio logo is catchy, Made with ultra-modern sounds. This audio ident will effortlessly fit various projects and uses.

Description: Deep Bass Synth Drone with Mid Tone End, drone ambient mellow uplift atmospheric background.

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