Description: Each person was first love. In some she is the only and last a lifetime, others just a fleeting feeling. But it's always very emotional and always leaves yuolshie feelings and impressions. This topic can be developed indefinitely. and music also can be used absolutely everywhere, execute any projects in television, internet projects, advertising, websites, and elsewhere.

Description: Iron heart. In my understanding we are talking about a robot that feels like a man. Each of us dreamed that someday robots will be on a par with people and they will have their minds. In general, each the music will speak about their history. Suitable for movies, websites, games and other

Description: Very emotional song, tender and lyrical. In this music pronounced experiences. This composition is very integrated into the high-quality video on a plot of love, heedless, hopeless.

Description: This music has been devoted to the girl I love. This music is very bright and cheerful,then Olga would become my wife. The music is very touching and I want to dedicate it to all woman in this world.