Description: Tranquil and gentle, summer in the countryside. Slow rhythmic piano, classical harp and sweet strings. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30 and 12 sec versions

Description: Shy, lyrical and bashful comic romance, featuring free tempo pianoin 5 movements. Perfect for silent movies or mime comedy.

Description: Warm, beautiful & serene, yet with a certain pace. Creates a feeling of quality, caring, love and romance. Perfect for 30sec commercials for Mothers Day, Valentine's Day, gifts of jewellery, perfume etc,. Features strings, harp, electric piano, glockenspiel & brush kit drums. 30sec COMMERCIAL

Description: Tender loving gentle romance, from the first young love, blossoming in to a full beautiful relationship. Features piano with string accompaniment slowly building to a crescendo. Perfect for wedding related goods and services through to caring for family members in older life. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Poignant, caring & touching piano theme. Evoking happy memories of good times with loved ones, whilst being whistful, with an awareness that time may be short. The three pianos play a constant rhythmic part, backed by swelling strings underpinned by an electric bass. Commercial length 60 & 30sec

Description: Gently flowing, warm, easy going, care free, light theme full of summer sunshine. Acoustic guitar duet with grand piano. Perfect accompanyment for a gentle summer stroll. Main mix, 60, and 30 sec versions

Description: Melancholy autumnal scene with strings and piano. Gently builds and falls. Contains 3 passages starting with a slow opening, followed by an urgent middle section and then slowing towards the end.

Description: Thoughful, nostalgic and melancholic piano duet. Gentle, medium slow, slightly uneasy. Ideal for nature and human emotion documentaries. Main mix, u/score, 40 and 30sec versions

Description: Whimsical, quirky and reflective. Fond childhood memories of visiting a favourite Aunt on a rainy afternoon, having tea and cakes. Featuring piano, clarinet and pizzicato strings, in a very gentle waltz. Great for drama, documentary and commercials that require a warm homely feel. Main, underscore, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Slow, reflective and melancholic. Beautiful, heart warming and passionate reflection in to past times, as the years roll by. Tinged with sadness and regret of lost loves. Features piano and strings. Perfect for drama, documentary and commercials for elderly care, health related and services. Main, 60 and 30sec in full and underscore mixes

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