Description: An instrumental ballad with piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, and drums - beautiful, elegant, inspiring, and uplifting.

Description: This is a Romantic Piano Moldy No. 2 Instruments:Piano +Pads +Strings

Description: Epic strings and piano portray the longing of a distant relationship, lost love, or missing friend or child.

Description: Sadly romantic theme with a major motion picture style arrangement. Lush strings resonate heartfelt emotions on a grand scale.

Description: This is an inspiring cinematic piece perfect for film use, in epic video games or in nature documentaries. It also fits montage videos, motivational projects and photo slideshows. The first part of the song features a full orchestra, except percussion, and the second part is a bit quiter, with an emotional piano playing.

Description: This is an easy relaxing track well and is associated with a flight over the forest, water, through the clouds. Looped. Great for movies,video games,animation,credits,presentations,advertising etc.

Description: This track is a beautifully soft and eloquent song with a delicate and sweet tone to it. Piano and strings play together in this motivating, inspiring, feel-good and positive melodic track that has a real sense of innocence to it. Emotional, sentimental and cinematic, Walking on Water is an endearing picture of love, life and beauty and great for productions highlighting partnership, marriage, being together or even those with a focus on children. Medium tempo and perfect for use in a variety of contexts from films, adverts, corporate videos and virals all the way to idents.

Description: filmmusik, scoremusic, filmmusic, adventure, great antheme,.

Description: This is a Romantic Piano Moldy No. 3 Instruments:Piano +Pads +Strings

Description: A warm caressing sexy instrumental cue, the ideal music for a sexy dream or a love scene.

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