Description: This is an inspiring cinematic piece perfect for film use, in epic video games or in nature documentaries. It also fits montage videos, motivational projects and photo slideshows. The first part of the song features a full orchestra, except percussion, and the second part is a bit quiter, with an emotional piano playing.

Description: This is a sentimental composition in E minor with a lot of emotion. It fits romantic videos, montages, photo slideshows, and other projects with the goal to make the listener / viewer stop and think for a second. It features piano and strings.

Description: This is a calm and emotional piano piece with an overall positive sound, although there are parts of the song that are a bit on the sad side. There is a lot of space here, perfect for a voice-over. Fits any romantic or sentimental setting. Imagine the passage of time, hope, memories and long lost love.