Description: Short and longing cinematic piano and acoustic guitar. Sad, melancholic and romantic. Simple and melodic, delicate underscore for scenes of love, sadness, loneliness, heartening and hope.

Description: Dreamy and light romantic music. with electric piano sweet ethereal melody, background vocals, downtempo beat and strings. Hopeful and mellow, optimistic and soothing. For romance, love, dreams, hope and comfort in film soundtrack, Tv and longing video production

Description: Comforting piano and violin music. Soothing romantic and longing. With a hopeful and easy melody for love scenes, romance, comfort and delicate scene in TV, film and movies. A perfect soundtrack for nostalgic moments, sweet sentimental emotions.

Description: Emotional and nostalgic cinematic score with piano lead, cello and occasional orchestral percussion. Best for sadness, loneliness, love, lost, emotive, hopeful scenes related to European and Jewish history. beautiful slow melancholic melody for film, documentary and educational purposes.

Description: Melancholic and longing piano based soundtrack. Atmospheric and melancholic instrumental also featuring cello and wood orchestral percussion. Best for scenes regarding loneliness, love, hope, drama, documentary, heart broken relationships, pensive mood and delicate emotions in film and TV.