Description: That moment in which you know you've done something wrong, and it's sad to deliver the news and suffer your consequence ... or is it? Piano and strings.

Description: This is inspirational music. Great for videos, tv and etc.

Description: Sad and mournful, full of yearning and loneliness. Quirky groove with tender floating melodica melody

Description: Calm, tranquil solo piano. Thoughtful and measured.

Description: Solo piano like sunlight glinting of gentle ripples in water, memories of young love.

Description: Light an whimsical waltz for solo piano, full of memory and yearning.

Description: Full of life and sweet, sweet emotion, "Love Story" is an outstanding cue for wedding montages or slideshows. Continually growing in intensity and joy, this track will bring a sense of sincerity to your project. Originally used for a promotional commercial for a wedding photographer, this great track can now bring a light and loving mood to your own journey.

Description: A smooth, lovely, romantic music piece with piano, orchestra and choir. This track fits perfect for movies, videos, musical backgrounds, soundtracks, television, romantic projects and more.

Description: Lovely, tender and yearningly violin music. Fits perfect for sentimental and romantic projects, soundtracks, movies, videos, commercials and more.

Description: This soaring vital and bright melody reflects peace, happiness, love and prosperity.It is good for any of your projects, business, traveling and pleasure.