Description: Mysterious and unusual composition. It can be used in movies and cartoons, or in the games of the genre quest.

Description: Short composition on a piano. Suitable for video genre sports, technology, nature and other.

Description: Beautiful romantic composition, which is perfect for movies and advertising.

Description: The first half of the song funny, playful, and the other thoughtful, calm.

Description: Tender loving gentle romance, from the first young love, blossoming in to a full beautiful relationship. Features piano with string accompaniment slowly building to a crescendo. Perfect for wedding related goods and services through to caring for family members in older life. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: soothing guitar instrumental

Description: This grand piano track is perfect as background music, documentaries, films and nature themes.

Description: Creation is a cinematic orchestral track. Mood: slowly building up in crescendo from dreamy/romantic/contemplative/mystical into powerful/glorious/epic/heroic. Instrumentation: piano, joined by orchestra, followed by percussion and choir. Electric guitar power chords at the very end. After climax there is a gentle slowing down piano ending. Suggested use: inspirational/motivational, action/adventure, science documentaries, dramatic scenes, success stories, sports, competition, heroic advertising and commercials. Generally, whenever a lush, epic climax is required.

Description: Easy Listening, Filmscore/Cinematic. Love, Soft/Smooth, Exciting, Peaceful/Calm, Romantic, Pleasant/Nice, Soulful, Gentle/Tender, Emotional. Strings, Piano. Romantic/Melodrama. relax.joyful.

Description: Calm and quiet track in a positive mood. Featured instrument is an acoustic piano.Good for various videos or slideshow.