Description: Majestic and proud orchestral background with a warm string section, piano over a calm steady brushes drumgroove. Perfect for dramatic cinematic usage or as a romantic emotional atmosphere for nature or travel related documentaries.

Description: Emotional and slowly building romantic theme featuring strings and piano. Great for commercials, trailers and videos that needs romantic underscores.

Description: Catchy and uplifting romantic track featuring piano, guitars and strings. Great for commercials, film/tv and presentations.

Description: A passionate and emotional romantic track featuring acoustic guitars and piano. Great for commercials, videos and presentations that need music for valentine or romantic settings.

Description: simple uncomplicated melody performed on the classical guitar

Description: A peaceful, emotional and romantic piano track with strings and woodwinds. Great for commercials, videos and presentation that need romantic and heartwarming music

Description: Charming track, classic and cinematic feature, with cello and piano engaged in an intimate, poignant, delicate dialogue. Suitable to create special ambience in romantic or dramatic films. Wonderful also as background.

Description: This simple and bright underscore is perfect for your television or video production. It is soothing to the spirit. It promises better times ahead. A vision of a peaceful, happy and tranquil life comes to mind.

Description: Simple evolving piano theme with tender orchestra complement.

Description: This beautifully composed stringorchestral piece is perfect for a drama or romantic movie or series. This piece brings to mind open ranges and big skies. It is heart felt and tender striking at the core of the audience. It provides hope, sincerity, and grace to the scene. Your audience will definitely be drawn in once they hear this transforming song.