Description: easy piano / cinematic track featuring orchestra, drums and music box ideal as background, for presentations and more.

Description: romantic and inspiring piano track for your emotional video project and more.

Description: romantic, emotional and inspiring piano track feat. orchestra for your video or other projects.

Description: Allow your body and mind to indulge in this simple dreamy fantasy music which comprises of an Asian musical instrument called the guzheng together with other instruments such as the harp, glockenspiel, piano and even choir. Despite the presence of the guzheng, the music still remains neutral without leaning too much towards orientalism. Available in 2 versions: Liquid Fantasy (1:53) Liquid Fantasy Loop (0:54)

Description: A romantic and emotional piano score. Composed for sentimental scenes

Description: Beautiful, emotional, joyful, uplifting, inspirational song played by piano, emotional orchestra strings and orchestra percussion. Perfect as background for emotional and happy moments of fairy tale, for sentimental and romantic movies; for wedding, love story videos and slideshows, photo gallery, slideshow presentation; YouTube videos

Description: A soft and quiet movement. A form that takes its shape, in the evolving dance of creation. Becoming, in the moment in which everything comes to life.

Description: Nice romantic song composed for orchestra. The mood is quiet and serene, but it is suspensful in some point. Very good for films and TV Series in fantasy and epic genres.

Description: An emotional and inspiring track for piano. Ideal as a background for sentimental slideshows and romantic videos. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: Getting over a relationship is never easy. ‘Goodbye Love 3 Scenes’ is a series of emotions experienced by Megan after Lucas left her for another woman. It begins with a sad goodbye (Scene 1 Farewell Tears) which then turned into confidence and strength to get over Lucas (Scene 2 Determination to Forget). At the end of it all, Megan was defeated by the confusion and negative emotions that were eating her deep inside (Scene 3 Turmoils of Feelings).