Description: The gentle graceful quiet melody, approaches for a soundtrack Very romantic, mellow & innocent. Memories of things that happened in your past, the good and the bad. Perfect for romantic film, TV show, or kids production. Very melodic and rich harmonies,forte and piano parts,contrast.

Description: Beautiful Piano and orchestral strings, wonderful relaxing vibe, taking time out to enjoy a moment of tranquility. Would be suited to use on holiday or travel commercials or soundtrack for human emotion life changing moments.

Description: Beautiful melodic piano with orchestral strings and swells, perfect for dramatic underscore. The introduction of piano and strings is sparse with a female voice choir that begins to introduce a build, which then moves into a delicious orchestral swell. The track will work well with as a main theme or as an opening intro

Description: Classy, elegant orchestral piece with Hollywood film score sound.

Description: Peaceful, delicate orchestral piece with reflective, melancholic atmosphere.

Description: Soft and gentle piano piece with emotional loving atmosphere.

Description: A beautiful, emotion piece with a feeling of melancholy, reflection and longing for love. Performed on acoustic guitar, piano, strings and percussion.

Description: Just Thinking is simply a piano waltz, she is feminine, playful and innocent. Romantic chamber music, pastoral and light. The track has an uplifting feeling that would be suited to some commercials. Overall the cue is warm and good hearted and would work well as a music cue.

Description: Acoustic guitar and melodic piano cue. Emotive and calm for a moment of soul-searching. The simplicity of the track is its strength, which evokes thoughts of life change or even a rush of pure love, certainly, a thing of beauty.

Description: New version of Beethoven's classic, with piano, dark underlying strings, solid drums and chimes. Powerful and emotional.