Description: Romantic Mood – cinematic romantic orchestral music. Simple romantic melody with piano, choir and orchestra. Great for romantic movies, documentaries, nature, ethnic and world productions and much more. Perfect for wistful, dreamy and nostalgic projects, for commercials, documentaries, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, sports montages, business presentations, photo slideshows and more.

Description: Love Story is a romantic track which is ideal for any kind of videos about love, inspirational videos about beauty of our world, websites and other projects that need romantic and relaxing mood.

Description: A piano plays a romantic melody and slowly enters strings with French horns that embellish the track. Great for memories and romantic scenes. Instrumental piano strings horns

Description: somewhere far away live timeless memories

Description: romantic piano, sad and deeply about the past

Description: drops rainy autumn, reminiscent of their past love

Description: A beautiful and inspiring piano movement. Perfect for YouTube romantic videos, documentary series, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and corporate presentations.

Description: Piano, acoustic guitar, strings and percussion combine for a laid-back arrangement suggested to underscore intimate moments of decision, passion and revelation.

Description: A melodramatic theme in the genres of cinematic techno and trance, driven by a fast rhythm beat and lush soaring legato and staccato strings, adventurous and romantic in mood with some overtones of menacing dangers, suitable for visual scenarios imbued with intense love, passion, interpersonal devotion, the courage to disobey the unjust and rigid social norms, and the tragic consequences of such a disobedience; reminiscent of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Description: An adventurous theme in the genres of techno and trance, driven by a fast and powerful rhythm beat and soaring orchestral strings, pensive and inspiring in mood, suitable for visual scenarios imbued with a sense of embarking on a space Odyssey, witnessing something sublime and majestic.