Description: Romantic, love story film score, written in the style of the bygone Hollywood [1940"s] era. Featuring full orchestra

Description: A wonderfully light and positive track featuring and upbeat groove , optimistic guitar and vocal melodies

Description: The final part of my "Freeze for Eternity" track, melodic ambient soundscape with cinematic feel.

Description: An emotional solo piano audio track with rainy day feeling, like drops of rain falling down

Description: Celtic Morning - beautiful calm folk ballad, in celtic-irish medieval style. Instruments: acoustic guitar, flute, violin, lite orchestra. Best for trailers, film, video games.

Description: A gentle and smooth and consoling harp melody really defines the character of choice for the scene of care. By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Romantic theme with clarinet melody and orchestral strings & piano

Description: Sweet, sentimental piano and strings track. Would be great for an emotional, inspiring movie scene or video.

Description: dream sequence, suspense, dream antheme, romantic.

Description: This emotionally intense track is written in a rock-pop style with the use of electric guitars, piano, strings and some electronic instruments. Perfect as the soundtrack to the movie or the trailer, and for other projects that require emotional supplement.