Description: instrumental , soundtrack, neoclassical , symphonic orchestra , children , kind, majestic , bright

Description: its all coming to a close, the love that hurts deep, reminds you that you're alive.

Description: Tender and moving, this song will engage your audience in your next dramatic project. Sentimental and searching your audience will feel the heartwarming drama as it unfolds on the screen. This song features a piano and electric guitar.

Description: A peaceful and romantic valentine track that builds to an epic climax. Great for commercials, film/tv, videos and presentations that requires romantic music

Description: Welcome to Jamaica and its unforgettable music! This song was written in the tradition of the legendary Bob Marley and transmits that sunny, warm and radiant mood that prevails on the beaches during the day and even at night. This is a real comic song! I would like to become your daisy Or your fish, or your cat, or your dove. As a pet, Oh! I'd never be crazy To pronounce the word of love.

Description: A wonderfully light and positive track featuring and upbeat groove , optimistic guitar and vocal melodies

Description: Celtic Morning - beautiful calm folk ballad, in celtic-irish medieval style. Instruments: acoustic guitar, flute, violin, lite orchestra. Best for trailers, film, video games.

Description: An instrumental ballad with piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, and drums - beautiful, elegant, inspiring, and uplifting.

Description: filmmusik, scoremusic, filmmusic, adventure, great antheme,.

Description: Sweet, sentimental piano and strings track. Would be great for an emotional, inspiring movie scene or video.