Description: A sentimental tale about feelings and passions, told by the music. A sonic atmosphere of longing and memories, that will perfectly match with any radio and television production with a lyrical, nostalgic atmosphere. It will be perfect for IVR and on-hold systems.

Description: Short lyrical piece on the piano. Romantic, sentimental and bright sound.

Description: Creation is a cinematic orchestral track. Mood: slowly building up in crescendo from dreamy/romantic/contemplative/mystical into powerful/glorious/epic/heroic. Instrumentation: piano, joined by orchestra, followed by percussion and choir. Electric guitar power chords at the very end. After climax there is a gentle slowing down piano ending. Suggested use: inspirational/motivational, action/adventure, science documentaries, dramatic scenes, success stories, sports, competition, heroic advertising and commercials. Generally, whenever a lush, epic climax is required.

Description: Calm and quiet track in a positive mood. Featured instrument is an acoustic piano.Good for various videos or slideshow.

Description: Harmonious combination of a piano and orchestral istrument. Optimistical, inspiring spirit.

Description: This is an emotional track with piano and strings. It fits perfectly as an underscore for sentimental projects. A Loop Version is also available! Thank you for listening!

Description: An orchestral classical track which contains futuristic electronic percussion, snares, bass drum, toms, horns, harps, choirs, special sequence and cello. Suitable for any movie action/thrill scene and many types of production.

Description: Intimate looped track, classical instrumentation. Violin and piano on a sweet carpet of strings. Delicious romantic underscore for your projects.

Description: Slow melodic 50 second loop of cello piece accompanied by upright bass, viola and percussion. Suggested for bittersweet romantic scenes.

Description: Romantic piano loop with some guitar