Description: Harmonious combination of a piano and orchestral istrument. Optimistical, inspiring spirit.

Description: This is an emotional track with piano and strings. It fits perfectly as an underscore for sentimental projects. A Loop Version is also available! Thank you for listening!

Description: An orchestral classical track which contains futuristic electronic percussion, snares, bass drum, toms, horns, harps, choirs, special sequence and cello. Suitable for any movie action/thrill scene and many types of production.

Description: Intimate looped track, classical instrumentation. Violin and piano on a sweet carpet of strings. Delicious romantic underscore for your projects.

Description: Slow melodic 50 second loop of cello piece accompanied by upright bass, viola and percussion. Suggested for bittersweet romantic scenes.

Description: Romantic piano loop with some guitar

Description: Relaxed piano plays simple, somewhat bittersweet A/B patterns in 58 second loop suggested to underscore intimate scenes, uplifting shared moments between loved ones, nostalgia.

Description: Short loop with a poignant and intimate melody of violin, on a sweet carpet sound of piano and strings. Ideal romantic audio logo.

Description: Longing Oboe plays alongside sweet emotional violin strings and beautiful piano to create an emotional and sorrowful background scene suitable for pleasant scenes of beauty, romance or documentary uses. Very romantic with a slight Victorian edge.