Description: An uplifting solo piano track with wonderful feel and warmth.

Description: Spirited, Exhilarating, Vibrant

Description: Inspirational romantic piano track, perfect for romantic projects.

Description: This is a Romantic Piano Moldy No. 6 Instruments:Piano +Pads +Strings

Description: dramatic, light, acoustic guitar, piano, strings

Description: Bright grand adventure in slow, building majestic style with full orchestration. Slow beautiful grand strings with mellow soft and stately brass. Wondrous shimmering whirling harp and enchanted hopeful clarinet. Variants: 6 Min / 4 Min / 2 Min, all tracks can be looped.

Description: Sentimental music warm music send me an angel so beautiful thoughtful. Easy listening filmscore/cinematic. Love sad soft/smooth dramatic peaceful/calm emotional. Strings electric piano/rhodes. Romantic/melodrama.

Description: Emotional and sentimental piano piece that takes the listener to a dreamy world of memories. Very good for movie trailer or film with sentimental sequences or even horror.

Description: instrumental , soundtrack, neoclassical , symphonic orchestra , children , kind, majestic , bright

Description: from Golden Leaf soundtrack suite