Description: If you wanna make sure your beloved man really loves you, just look in his eyes and these eyes can't lie you. I will see all range of emotion there and you will cry listening this touching violin melody!

Description: What may happen if you didn't see your lovely girl during many years. And now, she is here and looking at her you are beginning to think about all range of tender feeling to her and maybe something more. Lol. Who knows?

Description: I must admit, it's very complicated to make your dreams come true. First of all you should overcome the difficulties on your way achieving your goals. You must be self-determined and aimed person, but to make your wish and to choose your way - this is difficult issue as well. I am sure you can do it!

Description: The parting is very sad moment in our life. But we can overcome it and move on. This is not very simple to live far away from home and your relatives, but if the life needs it, what should we do in this case? We have to follow this road.

Description: Just think about it, what may happen, if you can face good persons in everyday life, who are very very positive and good-looking and open-hearted? What kind of mood will you have in this case? Awesome? Yeah! Just like this piece of music!

Description: I think the morning may bring you all the best, the luck the good mood and the happiness. That is why we are wishing Good Morning, each time we open the eyes. This time in not exception - this is a rule.

Description: An orchestral classical track which contains futuristic electronic percussion, snares, bass drum, toms, horns, harps, choirs, special sequence and cello. Suitable for any movie action/thrill scene and many types of production.

Description: Intimate looped track, classical instrumentation. Violin and piano on a sweet carpet of strings. Delicious romantic underscore for your projects.

Description: Slow melodic 50 second loop of cello piece accompanied by upright bass, viola and percussion. Suggested for bittersweet romantic scenes.

Description: 30 second spot/track, ideal for a commercial or anything with a story that starts melancholic and has a positive triumphant outcome. Contemporary orchestral composition.