Description: Romantic and dreamy strings. Perfect for a romantic scene in a movie.

Description: A deliberate and purposeful tango that commands your attention and loyalty featuring bandoneon, Baby bass, acoustic guitar, flute and cellos.

Description: Romance, Soft, Romantic, Sensual, Relaxed, Reflective, Feel Good, Peaceful, Pleasant, in a Reflective, Romantic mood, featuring Synth, Strings, Guitar, Piano, with a Mid tempo

Description: An emotional and romantic track featuring piano, strings and woodwinds. Great for valentine commercials and other videos or presentations that need delicate romantic music.

Description: A very inspirational and uplifting track, originally written for a commercial. This song is very cinematic and would work perfectly as underscore for film, tv, documentaries and other media productions. Conveys feelings of hope, inspiration, beauty, and has a lush hollywood-style string arrangement alongside a spacious and memorable piano melody.

Description: dream sequence, suspense, dream antheme, romantic, romantic, under water.

Description: This track is a beautifully soft and eloquent song with a delicate and sweet tone to it. Piano and strings play together in this motivating, inspiring, feel-good and positive melodic track that has a real sense of innocence to it. Emotional, sentimental and cinematic, Walking on Water is an endearing picture of love, life and beauty and great for productions highlighting partnership, marriage, being together or even those with a focus on children. Medium tempo and perfect for use in a variety of contexts from films, adverts, corporate videos and virals all the way to idents.

Description: Spiritual relaxing piano melody overlaid with acoustic guitar creating a pleasant spiritual melody suitable for tranquil relaxing end uses. Atmospheric synth effect add a spacious feel to the track which combines nicely with the piano chords. Very useful for spa, massage or health therapy use to help people to chill out and relax.

Description: Musical version of autumn. This piece has two tracks with the same patch.